Canadian Communists Fostered Indian Rights Movement

I am always hammering the point that in virtually every Western and third world nation, from the US to Australia, the local communist parties make it a top priority to agitate amongst minority and indigenous peoples.

It is called “National Question” politics and it has had a huge impact on nearly every country in the “free” world.

The Canadian Communist Party’s latest edition of Peoples Voice carries a long list of CPC members who have “contributed” to Canadian society.

They included:

Jim Brady and Malcolm Norris, the “Métis Patriots of the 20th Century” who helped spark the revival of Aboriginal peoples’ movements on the Prairies starting in the 1920s.

Stanley B. Ryerson, author of The Founding of Canada, Unequal Union, and other seminal Marxist writings which helped create wider understanding of the national rights of the Aboriginal peoples and Quebec.

Writing the history of any Western or third world indigenous movement without factoring in Marxist-Leninist influence, is a bit like writing a history of Sicily without mentioning the Mafia.


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4 thoughts on “Canadian Communists Fostered Indian Rights Movement

  1. I would more say colonialism created the Indian rights movement. I doubt it would exist if it wasn’t for colonialism.

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