Russia Increases Co-operation With India

There is a theory in some circles, that Russia’s long term plan is to build a pan Asian economic and military alliance built around the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation. India and Iran already have observer status within the organisation

From Cuban News agency La Prensa Latina

New Delhi, Jan 22 India and Russia hope to bolster nuclear, space and defense cooperation during the 48-hour visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin from Thursday.

India s PTI news agency lists ten possible agreements, including joint aircraft production and satellite development and positioning, and interest to study and explore for oil and gas in third countries.

Russian Defense Minister Boris Ivanov wishes to reinforce military exchange with New Delhi and raise commercial exchange to ten billion dollars by 2010.

Monday’s issue of The Times of India quotes Ivanov’s hopes to improve the current seller-client level to partnership in high-tech and weaponry development.

Current joint defense projects include the Brahmos Cruise Missiles, while 70 percent of India s Armed Forces weaponry is made in Russia, making India its top client.


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