Green Party File 7 Heil Hague

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At number 7 on the Green Party list, Kevin Hague, Chief Executive of the West Coast District Health Board has a fair chance of making it to Parliament.

Which must be good because according to his Green Party comrades;

Kevin brings significant practical skill, experience and resourcefulness combined with a personal passion. He is powerfully motivated through his sense of urgency over the survival of our planet.

At Auckland Universirty in the late ’70s, Hague became active in the anti-Apartheid movement and went on to join Halt All Racist Tours (HART). The organisation was led at the time by Maoists (Workers Communist League) pro-Albanian Stalinists (Communist Party) and anarchists.

In 1980, Hague was president of the Auckland University Students Association, also known at the time for its links to pro-Mao militants.

In the mid 80s, Hague served as HART “education” officer. That led him into “Treaty” work. Hague just loves the Treaty of Waitangi. In the late 80s Hague was involved in the extreme left wing group, Pakeha Treaty Action and even co-wrote a book entitled “Honour the Treaty.”

Gay activism is another big feature of Hague’s career.

Hague served as a research officer for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation from as 1988-1993 and as Executive Director from 1998-2003. He was involved in the Homosexual Law Reform campaign in the mid ’80s (good) and the subsequent successful campaign for anti-discrimination legislation (very, very bad).

Hague was co-chair of the 1989 National Gay and Lesbian Conference and helped organise the first Hero Party and that landmark in our nation’s history-National Penis Day.

Unfortunately, like many Greens Herr Hague is a bit of a “banner”. He seems to love stopping people from doing things he doesn’t agree with.

Firstly Hague was one of the mob that invaded the rugby pitch at Hamilton, during the 1981 Springbok Tour, causing the game to be abandoned.

Secondly Hague was involved in the team that stopped the 1985 All Black tour to South Africa.

Thirdly his Green Party bio lists as one of Hague’s achievements…Wait for it…this is re-e-e-e-e-ally impressive…

Kevin led the successful campaign to shut down the Auckland Star, following homophobic editorials…

According to an interview with GayNZ

Both the Human Rights Act and Auckland Star campaigns were really satisfying because we had good strategy and we succeeded…

Hague finds closing down a newspaper which opposed his own viewpoints “really satisfying”. He seems really proud of this. Never mind the jobs lost or the free speech implications. Never mind Aucklanders losing their evening paper.

The Greens describe this as an “achievement”. This says as much about the Greens as it does about Hague.

What will this guy do if he ever gets any real power?

Who wants to take the chance?

Green Party File 8 here


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5 thoughts on “Green Party File 7 Heil Hague

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  2. When ever I hear ‘activist’ it reminds me of ‘rent-a-mob’. People without jobs, making themselves feel better by classifying themselves as ‘activists’ rather than ‘unemployed bum’.

    Its interesting how Kevin claims to have stood up for ‘gay rights’ and yet, every single policy pushed so far under ‘tax relief’ with labour has given GLBT citizens absolutely no tax relief what so ever. When are GLBT citizens finally going to get a tax break – or does Kevin believe that GLBT citizens can live on civil unions alone?

    Then again, it is Kevin, Green Party member, and life long member of the ‘martyr complex collective’ and viewing of reality through distorted lenses.

  3. Hmm this guy is a militant gay activist, hung out with commies and took action against a violently anti-communist regime (Apartheid South Africa) that did not allow non-white people any rights or free speech for anyone. Yes he sounds like an absolute Nazi!

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