About Bloody Time, Too

I knew I’d finally get through to these buggers.

From the Communist Party USA’s Peoples Weekly World

U.S. intelligence head John Negroponte announced Aug. 18 the creation of a new Central Intelligence Agency mission to oversee intelligence operations in Venezuela and Cuba at the strategic level. J. Patrick Maher, a 32-year CIA veteran with supervisory experience in Colombia and the Caribbean, was named as acting mission manager.

According to Negroponte, “Policymakers have increasingly focused on the challenges that Cuba and Venezuela pose to American foreign policy.” He noted Washington’s concern about the close ties between the two countries and failure on Venezuela’s part to cooperate with Washington’s “anti-terrorist campaign.”


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5 thoughts on “About Bloody Time, Too

  1. “Cuba has been involved in espionage, subversion and drug running activities against the US for many years.”

    And vice versa, Trevor. This is exactly my point I made with the first comment in this thread.

  2. That’s not what i said anon.

    Cuba has been involved in espionage, subversion and drug running activities against the US for many years.

    I think the US has every right to take steps to get rid of Castro and the Cuban Communist Party.

    Chavez is working closely with sworn enemies of US interests.

    The US should aid those forces in Venezuela that seek to oust him.

  3. Like Allende threatened US interests? You seriously think it’s OK to overthrow democratically elected governments if they pursue left-wing policies?

  4. Anon 1 It doesn’t

    Anon 2 Self defence is the first duty of every government. Cuba is far more of a theat to the USA than Iraq ever was.

    If the US can get rid of Castro (and Chavez, who regurlarly threatens US interests) they have a right and a responsibility to do so.

  5. Must be time for the US to organise another coup attempt in Venezuela or revive the glorious tradition of Pinochet eh Trevor?

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