Communist Party on Palin

The US left hates Sarah Palin. They are terrified that she could spark a new genuine conservative movement that might seriously challenge their man Obama’s monopoly on power.

Sarah must be demonised at all costs.

Here’s the Communist Party USA’s take on the Palin phenomonon-from People’s Weekly World editor Terrie Albano.

It reveals more about Obama and the movement that elected him than it does about Palin.

I think Sarah Palin is definitely going to build a national network for her presidential run in 2012. She has backing from some GOP elite, like William Kristol, for example. The GOP is desperately looking for people who can excite its base, and what we saw in 2008 is that Sarah Barracuda can do just that. But it’s the fascist-leaning part of the GOP’s base. And that is what she is going to build on. Remember those rallies during the presidential campaign? She brought the crowd to a fevered pitch where Obama was called “traitor” — and everything but a child of God – as my mother used to say.

So here is my prediction: she’s going to criss-cross the lower 48 and build up her storm troopers on a national level. Those in the GOP elite think this is the way to go. The more moderate still left in the GOP are a weak minority. The GOP has gone more and more to the far-right since the election of Obama. Witness the increasing shrillness of Rush Limbaugh — the self-proclaimed leader — of the GOP, Newt Gingrich and the others in the media blabosphere like Glenn Beck.

Why else would Obama-hater Jon Voight get such an enthusiastic response to his pseudo-religious and apocalyptic speech where he compared the president to Julius Caesar and then applauded all those bloviators who “stay on course to bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.” (Et tu Brute? Julius Caesar asks just before getting assassinated.) This is how low the GOP is stooping and Palin is gonna jump on that bandwagon. She has already greeted – as governor – a political party that wants Alaska to secede from the United States and has ties to neo-Nazi groups. Her husband is a member of that party.

Second prediction: Three areas Sarah Barracuda is going to attack the Obama administration and try to drum up support on: racism, role of government and the role of the United States in the world. These themes are dynamically intertwined and are the heart and soul of the ideology of the far-right and corporate power. Already attacks on the role of government are happening — using anti-Communism (i.e. everything the government plays a role in is “socialistic”) and racism. And on a new foreign policy — that Obama is making America “weak.” Militarism, racism and anti-Communism are a potent mix and standard fare for the pro-corporate far-right. Palin will do all that with her “family values” sex appeal.

They are doing everything in their power to limit and roll back the tremendous people’s victory last November and Sarah is going to try to be their gal to do it.

Third prediction: It will get ugly — but they won’t be successful.

Don’t be quite so sure about that Terrie.


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1 thought on “Communist Party on Palin

  1. Isn't it always interesting how the Commies and their fellow travelers in the Democrat Party always throw around the word "Hate" "Facist" "Racist" when someone opposes them. Yet the article from that Commie Rag "People's Weekly World" is dripping with Hate for Sarah Palin and all things Religous or Conservative. Through out my life I've seen it time and time again, the left (Communists, Socialist, Facists, Nazi's) all try label their opposition as Facists or Nazi's when that fits neatly into the left side of the political spectrum not the right. I really comes down to the Communists fear of individual freedom and self determination. The fear it because they're not controling the populace from on high.

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