Two More "Terrorist" Suspects Named

From the Dominion Post

A fight by two terror suspects to keep their names secret has been lost, with the Appeal Court throwing out their case.

The two accused Vietnam veteran Tuhoe Francis Lambert, 58, and Whiri Andrew Kemara, 38, both of Manurewa, Auckland.

Former flatmates of Maori activist Tame Iti, they face multiple firearms charges including possession of military-style semi-automatic firearms, molotov cocktails and other weapons. They may also face charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

The two men took their case to the Court of Appeal after both the district and high courts refused to grant them name suppression. The High Court also refused them leave to take their case to the Appeal Court.

In a move described as a stalling tactic, the men’s lawyers, Charl Hirschfeldt and Kahungunu Barron-Afeaki, tried to circumvent the decision by applying directly to the Court of Appeal for special leave to have their case heard. But the court threw out the men’s case at a hearing in Auckland yesterday, saying they had no grounds for such an application.

A written decision by Justices Ellen France, John Hansen and Paul Heath giving their reasons for the ruling had yet to be issued.

The lifting of the men’s name suppression means the identities of just four of the 16 people arrested on firearms charges after nationwide anti-terrorism raids by police last month remain secret.


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5 thoughts on “Two More "Terrorist" Suspects Named

  1. Hahaha here’s a laugh. They are no longer suspected of being terrorists but simply amassing illegal arms and bomb making materials… and some of them are thinking of SUEING the police who acted against them!

    Christ.. this is a hilarious country isn’t it? If this was presented as a plot line for TV it would probably be rejected as being too stupid, unbelievable and ridiculous. But here in good ol’ Nuzild nothing is too ridiculous and we don’t need TV for our entertainment as life is more surreal than art.

  2. Trevor, these are not “terrorist” suspects. They are terrorist suspects. Putting the inverted commas around the word terrorist makes it look as if the basis for suspicion is unbelievable and trumped up. Which I doubt it is, seeing as at least one of these ratbags openly tried to intimidate an NGO by discharging a firearm in the air around them.

    They are suspected of being terrorists.

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