4% For Freedom

The Washington DC based Heritage Foundation has launched a “4% For Freedom” campaign.

Heritage is worried that defense spending under Obama is imperilled and that this will have dire consequences for freedom world wide.

I agree. Who is going to hold Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran etc etc in check if not the US is no longer able?

Can you see the UK doing it? Canada? Australia? New Zealand?

Heritage is fighting back with a call to ensure that US defense spending remains at least 4% of GDP.

It deserves every thinking Westerner’s support.

Check it out here


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4 thoughts on “4% For Freedom

  1. Where the hell are we going to get all this money? With the war in Afghanistan winding down and the insane war on Iraq thankfully over it’s time to pay for these wars with more military cuts and tax increases. Maybe we won’t just keep on dumping all this debt on the future.
    When most aspects of our lives are costing less the US military continues to be the biggest boondoggle in the history of the world.

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  3. Unfortunately Heritage Foundation is right .Hillary Clinton has just signed the TAC (treaty of amity and co-operation agreementt)at ASEAN with China. This now allows China to assume that all signatories of this treaty-including NZ- are all in some sort of Motherhood relationship with China, China being the mother of course.
    I am quite certain that most of the MSM have no idea of just how dire things are for the supposed free world.
    Clinton and Obama are hollow creations of a cult like media and a culture of celebrity and stupidity.
    So when Clinton says the USA will defend her allies in the mid east, this is really code for -The USA under BO has already decided that a nuclear Iran is a certainty, and we will just have to live with it.To do anything else would require resolve and commitment, two things the puppets of a virtual reality do not have.
    Imagine if the west had to face up to the reality of the world we live in , and cast off the fiction created by lefties pretending to be worthy journalists, heck, it would be bedlam.The world would be tipped upside down by those forced to lookm in the mirror at what they have been accomplices to.
    Germany and Russia are not friends of the English speaking world, nor is France.
    Surprised anyone?

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