This Sign Is Illegal-Can You Friggin’ Believe That?

This sign is illegal.

While situated on private property it does not carry the owners name and residential address.

It could cost whoever put it up, several thousand dollars, or even jail time.

Can you friggin’ believe this is happening in our New Zealand?


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1 thought on “This Sign Is Illegal-Can You Friggin’ Believe That?

  1. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is considering charges for publishing the Danish Mohammed cartoons. What is happening to the Anglosphere?

    Ezra Levant was interogated on friday. He was allowed to film the proceeding for legal appeal purposes but was supposed to keep them confidential. He showed his contempt for the commission by posting the video on youtube the next day. It is must see video.

    Ezra says he will have all the clips out today.

    Opening Statement

    I Don’t Answer to the State!

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