Forget the Tamil Tigers-Support the Karen

If people want to support a genuine pro-freedom resistance army in Asia, they should support the Karen Army against the Burmese socialist junta.

A friend of a friend recently made this short video on the Karen during a visit to the Thai border area.

Yes I know Sam-a few leftists do support the Karen, but more I believe as part of their aid for the socialist, student based, rebel forces.


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4 thoughts on “Forget the Tamil Tigers-Support the Karen

  1. The KNU's not socialist? On what basis?

    And the ABSDF is only 'student based' in name – a hang over from their origins in the 1988 uprising, most of the members aren't, and haven't been, students. In any case, Burmese tend to use the term 'student' rather differently to westerners.



  2. I don’t get it Trev – you rail against the ‘Saffron revolution’ uprisings against the Burmese regime as some sort of commie plot and sneer at the ABSDF, but champion the latter’s best mates and fellow members of the National Council of the Union of Burma.

    What makes the KNU different? More authoritarian? An ethnic base rather than a multi-ethnic one? Snappier uniforms?


    Sam Buchanan

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