Life’s Victims

I watched Canterbury thrash Auckland in the Super 14 tonight, on Sky TV. During the break I saw a new “Coke Zero” ad, in which a young guy “surfs” a bus through city streets, before being dumped into the sea. I wondered how many of life’s eternal victim’s would be franticly writing complaints to the relevant authorities tonight?


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7 thoughts on “Life’s Victims

  1. LOL, I think you will find the Sth Island sheep are far cuter than those ferral excuses for sheep you have in the Nth Island 🙂 It can be the only excuse for the Cantabs extracurricular activities 😛

  2. Yep…it bodes ill for the All Blacks this year.Auks off the pace…Blacks off the pace.It needs a strong Auk base to stop the Southies from becoming distracted by thoughts of farm animals and their sisters… ;-0

  3. I couldn’t see anything. My eyes were too filled with tears having to suffer the performance of my home team, the Bluesers.

  4. Seems like if someone takes the time to complain about the coke ad then they have too much time on their hands and take thenselves way too seriously…. We all know if you tried to surf on a bus roof you’d get in trouble….. The ad is make believe…

  5. I saw an add for Channel 7 where they’re moving studios. The lady directing is presented with a bubble-wrapped male model on a sack cart.

    “Where do you want this?”

    Woman: “Oh. Put him under the desk!”

    Try that with genders reversed!

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