5 thoughts on “Killing White Babies

  1. To clarify, the statistic was not for the world, but only for the US. Either way, perhaps you are attempting to infer that the USA would be populated by too many individuals who resort to using expletives when they disagree, because their vocabulary is so insufficient that they are unable to express themselves in an intelligent and civil manner?

  2. Let me get this straight:

    You'd actually ENJOY having the world populated by the kind of kids these mothers aborted?

    Make some fucking sense, already!

  3. Given the fact that we are nearing the 50 Million mark in the number of total abortions in the US since 1973…seems to me they have achieved a partial success – one way or another. Roughly, that wb approximately the total population of Spain or South Korea or a combination of the states of California + Illinois.

    The word "sad" does not come close to describing."Chilling" may be more appropriate.

  4. What do you mean used to hang around with these progressive, maniacal halfwits? He has populated the White House with them.

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