The Muslim Brotherhood In their Own Words

This documentary aired on Norwegian Television, November, 2010 (English subtitles).

Is Islam primarily a religious or a political movement?

Is Islam, per se, a threat to western culture and political ideals?

The Moslem Brotherhood from Geir Olsen on Vimeo.

Thanks to Nancy.


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5 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood In their Own Words

  1. This video is not only informative but it is a wake up call. One of the beautiful elements of our Democracy is the opportunity for diversity and all of its beauty. But this wonderful gift is also our greatest weakness. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a stupid organization as one of the speakers pointed out. It is very dangerous.

  2. Excellent work Trevor as always.

    In this New Year I would like to say that I will never allow these vile evil coward savages to overtake America.

    America is covered by the light of Christ, while Islam and its evil ideology worships Satan aka Allah Akbar!!

    Mohammed their pathetic prophet roamed this planet in 632 AD & was a child molester, pedophile, rapist, mass murderer, and cross dresser.

    In the old testament of the Holy Bible, God commanded the Israelites go out into the land, meaning what is now Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and kill all the demonic evil across those areas.

    The Israelites did not do what God commanded, so now we have these vile evil demon possessed savages beheading, stoning, killing everyone in their path who will not convert to Satan, & their beloved Mohammed demon prophet.

    Plain and simple, Islam is exposed.

    There is a full frontal attack by us Christians to expose and remove these vile evil savages from not only our country, but to educated others that this is indeed not a religion, but a dangerous violent ideology of demons.

  3. Islam is a Religion of PEACE!
    a 'Piece' of you over here
    a 'Piece' of you over there

    "…the Jihadists are bent on enveloping it (western culture) in the chaos and violence they create everywhere."

    "…There have been no Christian calls for an anti-Muslim crusade, unlike the many voices demanding warlike jihad."

    "There is something narcissistic about this assumption that the West is obsessed with Islam and seeks to destroy it. It is not. It is obsessed with itself,…"

    'Blood and Rage' (a cultural history of terrorism)
    By Michael Burleigh

    Philosophising needs to end, we need real leaders and a call to action now!

  4. A long video but worth it. Very interesting. It answered a lot of questions I had about the seemingly contradictory things I have heard about islam. Very enlightening! Thanks for posting the link!

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