From the Communist Party USA Convention – Jarvis Tyner on Tea Party "Fascism"

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Hatred for the “Tea Party” movement was very evident at the Communist Party USA convention over the weekend.

From the Peoples World


Speaking about the Tea Party movement today at the Communist Party’s 29th National Convention in New York, Jarvis Tyner, the party’s vice chairman declared, “If you can’t smell the stench of fascism, you may need some aroma therapy.”

The remarks were made during a morning session in which Tyner called upon the party to mobilize against what he said is a resurgence of racism that aims to derail the progressive movements in the country. Also during that morning session party leaders put forward a plan to make the 2010 elections the focus of the organization’s work for the coming year.

Tyner said that a “new racist counteroffensive” after the election of the nation’s first African American president threatens the progressive labor-led coalition that formed during the 2008 elections and is continuing to make its mark today.

“Once a Black president and a reformer was elected and presented his program, the fight against racism assumed an even greater importance because it, along with anti-communism, is the main weapon the right is using to defeat progressive change,” he said.

Tyner blasted Sarah Palin for her insistence that Teabaggers are not racist but just “angry.”

“You ever met a racist that wasn’t angry?” he asked. He noted that the Teabaggers, an all white group, are lashing out at immigrants and calling for “taking back our country,” not from corporate control but from the first African American president.

Citing not just Palin but also Rand Paul, the teabagger who won the GOP primary in Kentucky and the designers of Arizona’s draconian anti-immigrant law, Tyner said “these people are to the right of George Bush” and that defeating racists was key to advancing the struggles of all workers.


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  1. Communists and Progressives…always seeing the "right" as "Fascists" never ceases to amaze me.

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