The Comrades Write Back

I’ve had a couple of private emails since my recent posts on NZ’s “mainstream” communist party, the Socialist Party of Aotearoa.

The first came from SPA leader Brendan Tuohy

Hi Trevor, I’ve always enjoyed your nutty anti-communist screeds; they’re appealing for their paranoid overestimation of communist influence, as well as the inadvertant praise. Do you still have copies of the New Zeal’s you did on paper in the 90s (and I guess even earlier)?

I replied;

I’ll see what I can do Brendan. I have got a few lying around. Where would you like them sent to.

In return, how about sending me some old copies of SPA News? A few old membership lists would also be helpful.

Brendan replied;

Thanks very much Trevor. Send them to me care of ReddFish intergalactic… Any of the ones from the old SUP days would be good, especially the one covering Harry Nowell’s outstanding work organising for the youth festival, if you can find it.

In return I’d be happy to send you any published SPA material; internal documents are too confidential to send to you of course… besides, they’d only limit your fervid imagination which would be a shame. 🙂



I also recieved this from National Distribution Union official, Sue Murray

Dear Trevor Loudon

Just though I would let you know that Syd Keepa is not a member of SPA – never was and never will be. I should know I am his partner.

Perhaps you should get your facts right on your blog before you publish.



I replied;

Thanks for that Susy. Please note though, I never said Syd was a member, I said a member or “sympathiser“. As Syd often writes for SPA’s Red Flag and has addressed a SPA/MUSAA function at Willowhaven Lodge in Rotorua, I think saying he has is SPA “sympathiser” is a fair call.

I’ll take your word on this one Susy, but I have to add that as secret membership is a common feature of Marxist-Leninist parties, Syd is inviting suspicion with his cosy relationship with the comrades.

Over the years I have had several Labour Party figures pointed out to me as covert members or sympathisers of SPA’s forerunner, the SUP. These ranged from senior NDU figures, MPs, local body politicians, Party Presidents to executive and Policy Council members.

SPA has had many people operating inside the New Labour Party and the Alliance Party over the years. I recently posted about onetime senior SPA member Paul Blair and his apparent involvement with the Green Party.

As racial politics has been a touchy issue in NZ, the SUP was always careful to keep the membership of many of its Maori members secret.

Former head of the SUP’s Commission on the National Question, Jackson Smith of the Wellington Drivers Union, was a covert party member from about 1973 to 1978. When he blabbed his SUP membership on Palmerston North radio, he was hauled over the coals for his indiscretion.

If Syd is going to hang around with people, who practice underhand politics as a matter of course, he has to expect that his allegiances might be questioned.

I just love the Internet.


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