Top Communists Gather in Minsk

You won’t hear much about this highly significant gathering in the MSM.

These people are not holding a high school reunion. They are planning your future.

Attendees include the three most influential communist parties in the world-Russia, China and the USA. The Russian Party effectively controls Russia, the Chinese Party controls a quarter of the world’s population and a huge chunk of its wealth.
The US Party has thoroughly infiltrated the Democratic Party and has huge influence in the US Congrss and Senate.

Unlike most in the West, these people realise that their movement is very much alive and are looking forward to a very succesful next 90 years.

From Belorussian State News

Minsk is welcoming delegations participating in the international meeting of communist and working parties. The forum “The 90th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Its Urgency and vitality. Communists Combating Imperialism and Backing Socialism.” will be held in Minsk on November 3-5. The Belarusian capital has already received representatives of the communist parties of Spain, Greece and Sudan. On October 31 a delegation of Bahrain is expected to arrive in Belarus, BelTA learnt from First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Tatiana Golubeva.

The meeting will gather about 80 delegations of communist and working parties from all the continents. The total amount of the participants of the forum will exceed 150 people. Among them will be Gennady Zyuganov, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Greece Aleka Papariga, delegations of the communist parties of China, Cuba and Vietnam.

The forum will focus on the anniversary of the October Revolution, several speeches will mark the event. Tatiana Golubeva will report on the role of the Revolution in the history of the Belarusian people.

The participants of the meeting will consider the international communist movement, the situation in different regions of the world and adopt final documents. The event also envisages placing of flowers to the monument of Vladimir Lenin, the Victory obelisk and visits to the companies.

Tatiana Golubeva noted that Belarus has been, for the first time, honoured of holding a meeting of the delegations of communist and working groups. Belarusian and Russian communists have passed a joint address to the working group of the International Communist Movement asking to hold meetings in Belarus and Russia – the document has been signed by Tatiana Golubeva and Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov.

Tatiana Golubeva considers that the decision of the working group of the International Communist Movement to hold a regular meeting in Belarus and Russia was influenced by the fact that the October Revolution Day is a state holiday in Belarus.

After the meeting in Minsk, communist and working groups will go to Moscow to partake in the events held by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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2 thoughts on “Top Communists Gather in Minsk

  1. One interesting thing from here in Belarus is that it is actually thought of as a dirty word should you say you are a communist. You say this and people kind of wave you off with a shy smile. Probably people got in the habit of denying that they were commies from some time early on after the time of the USSR’s collapse, back when people still believed there was some reasonable connection and assistance on the way from the west. In their hearts of course they knew that they were and still believed that this is the right road for all people, but outwardly this was never said. I am sure that this is still true today. Probably Belarus believes that what they are doing these days, and this includes unilaterally following the will of its president, is that they are secretly living in the time of a second October revolution. Outwardly they say they are open for business, but on the inside, they know that this is really just covert financing. The state may not offer adequate pay or even a certain future, but because they say what they are doing is for the good of staying together, the life is accepted as a reasonable thing to have been asked.

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