2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Obama

  1. Thomas Paine was a genius, BO is an intellectual dwarf ,and most probably one of the many quota Blacks that affirmative action has produced.BOs IQ is only 125 and that number is probably artificial.

    In todays political, popular culture a man of Thomas Paines intellect would either be ignored or imprisoned.There is no room for truth telling or common sense in todays toxic swamp we refer to as society.

    Can anyone Imagine the Peter Panlike idiot John Key having a conversation with someone as erudite and intelligent as Thomas Paine, no way , he would rather surround himself with semi literate hip hop dancers, all in a quest to be liked by people that never voted for him, and never will.He is as big a fraud as monkeyboy Obama.

  2. An impassioned speech to be sure, sadly the common sense pleas will fall on deaf ears. Obama has no interest in honoring the Constitution or the will of the people only of as he has said “remake America.” America doesn’t need to be remade into third world Communist “Paradise.” America needs to be restored to its Constitutional roots. Obama is a traitor to the Constitution, his loyalties lie with Marx, Lenin, Castro, Chavez and his own thirst for power.

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