Hi, I’m Back!

Well, its been longer than a week or two, but I’m back on the blogosphere.

I hope you all missed me as much as this charming individual;

aggression should be O.K when it’s directed up-wards from the people towards fascist scum like yourself trevor.I hope you’re assassinated, problem is in this country: there is no assertive political violence, other than that used by the state and police against innocent citizens trying to make a real positive difference in society (unlike your own parade of neurotic and ridiculous daydreaming about the possibility of revolutionary violence) the brutal terroristic and institutionally violent capitalist state is destroying this country and hurting the people.

What have I been up to?

Well, on one side, I had a business failure last year, which I have been mopping up and setting right-an ongoing process.

On a more positive note, I’ve been spending a bit more time with the family and trying to save the planet from Barack Obama-see next post.

I hope you like the new format. If your blog or website could do with a tweak or a tidy up (or a complete overhaul) please contact Equipbiz.

I will be focusing a lot on the US and NZ elections in the coming months-particularly on the red infiltration of the US Dems and the Kiwi Greens.

New Zeal is also going to have a commercial focus from now on. I do what I do, because I love it and view it as a public service. However if you want me to do more of it and keep at it, please send me some money from time to time. I think this blog is worth supporting financially. Excepting my very rare critics, I’m sure most of you will agree. Big one offs are great, but small and regular are also very acceptable. Donation button top right. All support gratefully and discreetly received.

If you’d like to commission a certain article, expose a certain area, or support a particular line of research, contact me through New Zeal Research Associates (under the donate button) and we’ll work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I’ve been scouring libraries, travelling to obscure locations and interviewing interesting people for more than 20 years now-all for free. My aim is to make this blog both influential and a commercially viable proposition. Your support is welcomed to both ends.

Time to get on with it!


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9 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Back!

  1. Good to see you back, Trevor. Hope the research business pays off. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you expose the Watermelon Greens — every time I hear them talking about ‘greenwash’ I look wonder why their own ‘greenwash’ so rarely gets attention.

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