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  1. Dear Trevor, Saw you in Montana! Here is my contribution to the fight!

    David & Lina Hadly
    P.O. Box 858
    Kalispell MT 59903
    (406) 756-8425
    Dear President Trump,

    We support you 100%. But words can’t describe the degree of frustration and outrage that we (along with countless millions of others) feel about the insidious “Silent Coup” that the “Swamp” has been trying to execute for over a year to nullify your voters and to confirm its unelected and unconstitutional shadow “Swamp” government. I am a combat veteran. I volunteered for Vietnam and served as an infantry and special ops platoon leader. I was awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts for my service. I went to Vietnam to fight against Communism i.e. Marxist totalitarianism. But now I see that very same iniquitous monster, cleverly disguised as leftist “progressivism,” trying to upend our democratic republic. The largest political and governmental scandal in our history has been unfolding before our very eyes – the Clinton Foundation, Russia Dossier, Uranium 1 etc. And yet, nothing is being done. Why? How can this be happening? Robert Mueller’s investigation is an absolute farce and has now gone far afield of its original scope. There was never any underlying “Russia collusion” crime (except by HRC) to justify a probe in the first place. There’s nothing. But now it has become clear that Mueller will not be deterred by that. He’s an inveterate partisan hack with a pack of biased staffers (e.g. the infamously unethical Andrew Weissman) who will surely invent a bogus charge in his fanatical crusade to overturn the voters’ will in the 2016 election and, instead, advance his own personal i.e. the “Swamp’s” ominous and iniquitous agenda.

    The frankly shocking and shameful nature of the “in search of a crime” Mueller probe is just part of the government crisis that we face. The second head of this most sinister and corrupt monster is the outrageous and contemptible “Two Tiered” justice system that sprang up under Obama and has continued following Hillary Clinton’s political demise. There is ample evidence that the Clintons and a myriad of other top level prior Obama officials have committed very serious prosecutable crimes. [e.g. the Clintons re the Clinton Foundation, Uranium 1, the Russian Dossier, HRC’s e-mails, HRC’s e-mail server, HRC’s lying etc; FBI’s James Comey re Obstruction of Justice, illegal leaking etc.; DOJ’s Roberta Lynch re Obstruction of Justice on the FBI Clinton investigation etc.; FBI’s Peter Strzok re Obstruction of Justice in the HRC investigation etc.; FBI’s Robert Mueller and DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein re Uranium 1; Samantha Powers and Susan Rice re illegal unmasking; Lois Lerner re IRS’s contemptible harassment of conservative and religious groups etc.; Eric Holder re “fast and furious,” election interference etc. etc.] This list is admittedly incomplete. But it’s illustrative of the enormity of the injustice problem. That’s why it is absolutely imperative that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate and prosecute every crime committed by any such prior government officials. If Jeff Sessions refuses to launch this probe for whatever reason then he needs to go. This must be done if our democratic republic is to survive and thrive. And unelected “Deep State” operatives working in opposition to your authority have to be weeded out. Most importantly, the massive uncertainty and doubt about the integrity of our government institutions and the validity of your presidency must be dispelled. There’s rampant outrage and disillusionment among the American people concerning the justice system’s inexcusable failure to address so many glaring injustices and corrupt practices by giving a proverbial wink and a nod to the rich, the powerful and the well connected in our government. We must restore Trust and “Drain the Swamp!”

    Most Sincerely and our most warm regards to Melania,

    David & Lina Hadly

    CC: Sen. Steve Daines @ (202) 224-2651 and Rep. Greg Gianforte @ (202) 225-3211 Call Them!

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