3 thoughts on “Nats Underestimate ACT’s Man

  1. Rodney’s looking fit and a new man, alright, but I prefer the old Rodney full of fight and wit. What a counter-puncher he was then! Now he’s polite and has far, far less aggro. Parliament hasn’t been the same since he remodelled himself.

    Have a beer or two and get wild again Rodney.

  2. I prefer Rodneys focus on principles rather than the old wildness. His fiscal responsibilty bill and Heathers sound performance on health and defence show they’re up to it for the next election. The greens vile achievements show third parties can have and effect.

  3. Yes the principles and targets such as the Fiscal Responsibility Bill are sound. But we could do with a bit of the old fire and colour as well. Charisma attracts votes.

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