Why the "Urewera 17" Posed an Objective Threat to New Zealand

Phil Howison has done an excellent summary of what is known to date about the “Urewera 17“.

Read it here.

Phil thinks the police were right to act.


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8 thoughts on “Why the "Urewera 17" Posed an Objective Threat to New Zealand

  1. Did Iti make that trip to Iran, bugged conversations suggest he certainly intended to do some business there. But both you and Loudon clearly bought into Stephen Cooks news item, which didn’t even make an effort to state where the source to the information came from. Was it deduced by Cook from police intelligence? was it from one of tne investigators who wanted to remain nameless? Nope, just a statement and a mysterious confirmer. I assume he deduced it from his copy of the police affidavit from bugged conversations, but I dunno, is this a level of acceptable research for you, Stephen Cook said it, Trevor Loudon parrotted it, so it must be true?

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Anonymous 2, 3 and 4.

    Anonymous 1: No I wasn’t involved in the case. I’ve read the police affidavit, reread it and cross-referenced it, in addition to carrying out my own research and of course reading the results of Trevor’s very thorough investigations. Not speaking for Trevor, but the NF survival camps have been on my radar screen for quite some time and on my own blog I have consistently warned of the potential danger the NF pose. However, I would expect the police to be investigating them and if they had come up with anything serious surely they would have raided the camps by now. The main difference is that the NF camps are public. Anyone can go to the website, join in, get advanced warning of the dates, and check out photos of the camp activities (which do not appear to involve firearms).

    In my article, everything not clearly marked as speculation is factual. I have seen no criticisms of the article based on those facts.

    Anonymous 5: News stories have frequently repeated a claim that only 4 weapons were seized. This is not true. Also, I do point out that most of the weapons used were obtained through legal means. Their use, and their intended use, was clearly illegal (not that I agree with most firearms laws).

    My article can hardly be more fantastic than the the police affidavit considering it consists of information gleaned from the affidavit combined with publicly available information.

    Come on anonymous critics, surely you can do better than this!

  3. “Tuhoe activists have repeated the lie that only 4 weapons and 230 rounds of ammunition were seized so often that the media have taken it as fact.”

    Thats quite a clever evasive and distorted account of events there. The first claims came if I remember correctly from a NZ Herald report where police stated that out of the many weapons seized, 4 were deemed to be in illegal possession along with some 230 or so rounds of ammunition. As for the rest of that article, that would have to be the most biassed unoffical report to date of what is believed to have taken place during the last few years. In fact on the fantasy scale, it does one or two up on the police affidavit itself, which to my thinking is nothing more than the worst case scenario musings of immature and untrained intelligence analysts.

  4. Great link Trevor. Thank you.

    You are doing a great job on this scandal, which much of the mainstream media is allowing the Melon Greens and other friends of extremists to hide.

    I say close all these state-funded journalism schools if they are to blame for the blindness of our media.

  5. Yawn again!,

    Come on mate, if Phil was involved in the case, i would change my mind about your blogs.

    To me, Phil is also assuming a number of facts and linking together what many of us can find in Google.

    Now!, unless i am mistaken, you did not appear to have this much interest on the neo nazis in the South Island – National Front whom hed terroisim camps prior to the ATA ??.

    I keep my opinion from last night, that this is a diatribe to Maori. Unless of course you can produce some real evidence to prove me wrong. I love to be proved wrong 🙂

    I look forward to your next post.

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