Communists Celebrate 90th Anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution

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HA NOI — Activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution were being held across the world, said Andrei Filippov, head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF)’s Department for International Affairs.

In an interview with Russia’s Pravda newspaper last Saturday, Filippov highlighted the significance of the decree issued on September 12 by the Communist Party of Viet Nam’s Central Secretariat regarding the celebration of the Russian revolution, which falls today, and the 160th anniversary of the launch of the Communist Manifesto.

He said the occasion was being celebrated by workers and communist parties in numerous nations, including Cuba, Belarus, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

According to Filippov, KPRF and Russia’s left wing would organise a march in the capital and a meeting at the Moscow centre.

In Belarus’s capital Minsk an international conference was held from last Saturday to Monday with participants coming from more than 80 communist parties and workers’ parties worldwide. Attending the event was a Vietnamese delegation led by deputy head of the Communist Party of Viet Nam’s Central Committee’s Department for International Affairs Pham Xuan Son.

They reviewed the significance of the historic event in Russia in 1917, as well as current trends in social development, and exchanged points of view on the pressing issues internally and externally affecting one another’s countries.

Leaders of the Communist Party of Belarus said the conference was of great significance because Belarus was where the first congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party took place in March 1898. The congress established the Marxist party of the Russian proletariat, which played a decisive part in the success of the October Revolution.

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, yesterday sent a message of congratulations to all Belarusians.

The message stated: “The Russian October Revolution not only changed the fate of a large nation but basically defined the development path of mankind. It has attracted millions of people in the process of building a new society, a society without exploitation, oppression, and inequality. Thanks to the success of the revolution, the dreams of many generations of Belarusians have become a reality: Belarus has become an independent nation that has expanded relationships with many countries worldwide.”

Meanwhile, the High-level Party School of Nico Lopez in Cuba’s capital Havana held a scientific workshop last Monday entitled “Restoration of Socialist Ideologies“.

Addressing the workshop, Raul Valdes Vivo, head of the Nico Lopez School and a member of the Central Committee of the Cuba’s Communist Party, reaffirmed the significance of the October Revolution to Cuba’s victories over its foreign enemies, social progress in central America.


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