Venezuela’s Marxist president, Hugo Chavez seems to have his heart set on wrecking his country’s economy. Perhaps he has spent too much time with his pal Robert Mugabe?

From Yahoo news Hat Tip Once Upon a Time in the West

President Hugo Chavez ordered by decree on Monday the takeover of oil projects run by foreign oil companies in Venezuela’s Orinoco River region.

Chavez had previously announced the government’s intention to take a majority stake by May 1 in four heavy oil-upgrading projects run by British Petroleum PLC, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co., Total SA and Statoil ASA.

He said Monday that has decreed a law to proceed with the nationalizations that will see state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, taking at least a 60 percent stake in the projects.

“The privatization of oil in Venezuela has come to an end,” he said on his weekday radio show, “Hello, President.” “This marks the true nationalization of oil in Venezuela.”

By May 1, “we will occupy these fields” and have the national flag flying on them, he said.


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4 thoughts on “Venezimbabwe?

  1. I define an ‘anarchist’ is an communist without the balls to admit it.

    Wellington seems to be cursed with an abundance of these dingleberries. Why is that do you think?

    Getting back on topic, I have heard that most of Venezuela’s oil is ‘heavy crude’ high is sulphur (I think) and is very difficult and expensive to refine.


  2. Mike-what an idiot Tankard is.

    Peace Action Wellington is the main peace group in your area.

    It contains members of Clint’s old mates, the International Socialists, Socialist Worker, the Workers Party, anarchists and independent leftists.

    I think Tankard is an anarchist.

  3. Strange the Chavez supporters fail to denounce their boy’s support for Robert Mugabe. Yea, how can anyone NOT see that Chavez wants to be the “Mugabe” of Venezuela?

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