6 thoughts on “Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque

  1. Tuttle Rd

    This mosque, cannot, must not be built. It would be the most horrendous slap in the face of this country. People of America wake up. Never mind New Yorkers, we the people of this country cannot allow this to happen.
    If Bloomberg actually supports this act of terrorism, he is indeed a traitor to this country.

  2. "Smile in our faces while cursing us inwardly". Is that Islam or the typical American politician? The picture of New York looking like something out of the Mideast should be enough to frighten any true American citizen. Excellent video that deserves to be aired on every station in the USA for debate.

  3. Excellent video! Thanks.

    What bothers me the most is that Mayor Bloomberg is a traitor and he has so much power in all this. Another example of power going against the people.

  4. Typical America- having a 13 story mosque at the foot of ground zero…. When will they learn?!?

  5. Of course, any Muslim you bring this up to will most probably disagree and comment that either you don't understand or it's a Shiite practice – taqqiya. As for the most peaceful sect, I'm guessing the speaker is talking about Sufism, but historically there's been plenty of violent Sufis.

    It's a sad thing that not only are so many people ignorant about Islam – especially believing that fundamentalist or radical Islam is a perversion of Islam – but that nationally we continue to bend over backwards for them as a rule.

    Lastly, as an aside, in the photo of Lady Liberty, the writing on the tablet is changed to Arabic script, perhaps the Bismillah or "Quran" or something similar.

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