Former ACT on Campus Prezzie Rooting For Ron

Former ACT on Campus president, David Seymour (centre, black shirt)has been spreading libertarian revolution across the Canadian praires.

After Canada he aims to sort out the US. Here he is rooting for libertarian Republican presidential aspirant, Ron Paul.


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4 thoughts on “Former ACT on Campus Prezzie Rooting For Ron

  1. MAH-Unfortunately very few voters either care about or understand anti-communism in 2007.

    That’s unfortunate, but its a fact.

    I personally think Ron Paul better understands how the world works better than any of his Republican competetitors.

    However Mr Paul wants to gain votes, so talking about the machinations of international communist politics would not be a high priority for him.

    None of the other leading Republicans are particularly inspiring. Ron Paul is.

    I fully support your political world view MAH, but I also support Ron Paul’s principled stand on lowering taxes and slashing government to the bone.

  2. Then why didn’t I hear Ron Paul condemn the Tudeh Party being a historical front group for the Soviet Red Army which supported the previous government of the Shah? That’s no more foreign meddling than the CIA-MI6 operation that ousted that government. Probably even worse since the Tudeh Party supported a seemingly Iranian “nationalist” party that pretended to be for Iranian interest and later this same party was heavily involved in the Shah’s downfall and members of the same party became “Islamists” once Khomeini took over.

  3. Wrong country of course. I don’t think Ron Paul would appreciate this foreign meddling in a sovereign nation’s affairs.

  4. Somehow, I do not trust the likes of Ron Paul or anyone else for that matter to face a future Soviet-Sino onslaught. Ron Paul’s close advisor-Michael Scheuer promoted a Leftist-term “blowback” first coined by Chalmers Johnson, a rabid Leftist.

    The term “blowback” itself totally ignores that the targets of U.S. foreign intervention were all not so innocent. Such as the likes as the Tudeh Party, an example to which Ron Paul has touted as the CIA Operation Ajax was the “cause” of 9/11. The Tudeh Party was founded by members of the Soviet Red Army and was involved in the short-lived Soviet Republic of Gilan which also collaborated closely with another short-lived Soviet Republic known as the Democratic Republic of Armenia being founded by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, another front group for the Soviet Red Army.

    The Tudeh Party backed the previous government of the Shah quite similar in another scenario where the likes of Salvador Allende of Chile was supported by the Chilean Communist Party and that Allende formed close relations with Havana and the Soviet bloc.

    I think the REAL blowback was to not bother with taking down the underground network of the Tudeh Party which participated in the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and that “ex”-members of the Tudeh Party became “Islamists” when they “renounced” Communism and joined the “Islamist Republic” of Iran. But I also don’t trust the so-called hardliners against Iran either such as Norman Pordhoretz, often stating that the U.S. should intervne against Iran but not really care for much about Soviet-Sino meddling in favor of Iran.

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