Auckland Anarchists and Angry Allies Aid Arrestees

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300 protesters took to the streets in Auckland today to show their anger at the 18 arrested in “anti-terror” raids across the country. The protesters blocked the road outside the Central police station for around 30 minutes with two protesters lowering the New Zealand flag at one point, their attempts to fly the Maori Sovereignty flag were prematurely ended by hald a dozen cops which ran out of the station and tackled the two activists. Their was a wide range of support at the protest from anarchists, peace activists, friends and family and the public.

Protests will continue at the prison and various other locations across Auckland until all those arrested are freed.

Quelle surprise! Ex?-communist Green MP Sue Bradford carries a banner while arch agitator, Marxist (John) Minto spurs on the marchers.

What do we want? Revolution! When do we want it? Now!


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1 thought on “Auckland Anarchists and Angry Allies Aid Arrestees

  1. “Unconditional Freedom” What a damn sick joke. If this bunch of reds had their way, anyone with a conflicting viewpoint would be sent to re-education camps where the usual penalty for failure is a bullet to the back of the head.

    When Bradford returned from living under the totalitarian rule of the Chicom generals, she had nothing but praise for the experience. How much protesting for “freedom” did she do while she was there?

    How nauseating to see these people protesting on the grounds of civil rights and individual freedoms. They are lying cheating power obsessed communists, loyal only to their global cause, and their only regard for freedom is to use it to attack freedom.

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