Who Is Kiritapu Allan?

Who is the Kiritapu Allan mentioned in my last post?

Allan claims that;

The Police showed up at my house with files of my activities over years, my phones have been tapped for years, my house under surveillance and everything subject to their review.

Allan recently wrote this report published on the indigenous rights website The Narcosphere

It is in great distress that I am urged to write this appeal and to inform our international community of the recent events that are happening within Aotearoa (New Zealand) social justice, environmental justice and indigenous movements.
For the past 60 hours Aotearoa activists have been subjected to home invasions,raids and interrogation under threats of terrorist activities against the state.

The Crown has decided to employ its recent Terrorism Suppression Act to lockdown on social justice activist, movers and shakers and this is now world wide news with many of our close friends and families houses (mine included) being invaded, possessions confiscated and charges being threatened which will allow for solid activists to be charged under the Terrorist Suppression Act that carries sentencing for life.

Allan, though only in her early ’20s has been an activist for some years.

She is a close associate of Teanau Tuiono and together the pair run an organisation, Conscious Collaborations which;

is an indigenous collective striving for a world that acknowledges Papatuanuku (Earthmother) by building synergies between indigenous, activist, and creative communities… ..

Close associates of Concious collaborations include Alison Green, a Maori activist closely associated with Maoist Tom Poata in the ’80s and Helen Te Hira, also a Maoist who recently worked for the radical Asian Student’s Association in Hong Kong.

In 2005 Kiritapu Alla protested at Waitangi, at one point challenging National Party leader on his vision for the country. Brash tried to reply but Allan wouldn’t let him finish.

In February this year, Allan caused some controversy when she and Teanau Tuiono wanted to fly the Maori Tino rangatiratanga flag off Aucklnad Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day.

According to Allan;

“The Tino Rangatiratanga flag symbolises the long tradition of struggle and resistance by Maori against colonisation and the Crown sponsored theft of Maori land and resources. It is a symbol used by Maori who continue to resist the pressures of colonisation and cultural and economic genocide. It is part of the international movement of indigenous peoples drive for self-determination. Such a concept embraces the spiritual link Maori have with ‘Papatuanuku’ (Earthmother) and is a part of the international drive by indigenous people for self determination.”

In May this year, Kiritapu Allan represented New Zealand at the 2007 United Nations Indigenous Youth Caucus.

Statement on the theme of Social and Economic Development to the UNPFII;

My name is Kiritapu Allan of the Ngati Ranginui peoples. On behalf of the indigenous youth caucus, I would like to thank the Permanent Forum for giving this opportunity to express our concern on the agenda on Social and Economic development. We, the indigenous youth, makes up 48% of the indigenous peoples around the world. We rally upon the responsibility of the youth to sustain this world for the future generations to inherit…

I call on any other indigenous youths to stand in solidarity as we present this statement on behalf of the indigenous youths of the world…. We urge the UNPFII to recommend that Governments acknowledge the past and ongoing grievances done to Indigenous people. That these grievances have led to the degradation of Indigenous peoples communities social, spiritual, economic and all other types of development and that Governments support Indigenous control over Indigenous social and economic developments and initiatives.

Revolution from above, revolution from below.


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