Email to Dr Hirst

Text of email, just sent to Dr Martin Hirst.

Dear Dr Hirst

I note that in a recent post on your blog Ethical Martini you referred to me as a “neo-nazi goon”. I find the entire phrase insulting and offensive. The “neo-nazi” tag is highly offensive and completely untrue.

If some pimply youth had written this I would probably ignore it.

However you are an experienced journalist and university lecturer and a well known media commentator.

Therefore your word has more credibility so an untruth written by you is potentially far more damaging.

Consequently I demand that you remove the offending phrase from your blog and replace it with a retraction and apology immediately.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully

Trevor Loudon


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6 thoughts on “Email to Dr Hirst

  1. “tj” Te Joo (remembering that it was you my friend who first utilised that insulting reference) – I really do doubt that Hirst is rushing off to his lawyers – fair comment, qualified privilege etc etc etc. Note that I do not say justification.

    Trev’s moral outrage is no more meaningful than a piss in the ocean – he’s just doing it to get “famous”. And add numbers to the counter thing we see at the bottom of the page.

    Now, a Mao badge secreted in a chelsea bun would be much more efficacious !

    Anyway, back to really serious stuff – IDF:10 Palestinians:1

    Notable that none of you armchair generals has EVER challenged that. Nice, kind friends of humanity you are. Read Lloyd Geering in the Listener the other week – if it’s available in Golders Green that is…..

  2. Surprising Steve hasn’t blamed it all on the joos like he normally does.

    Any respons from the esteemed doctor as yet?

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