Dr Hirst’s Slur Against Loudon Challenged

When AUT media studies lecturer Martin Hirst labelled me a “neo-nazi goon” I was aghast that a man in his position could be so irresponsible.

Over the weekend I’ve mulled it over and reached a conclusion.

If I do not challenge this untruth, it will circulate around the blogosphere and may be used against me at some time in the future.

Worse, it could be used to slander other libertarians, anti-communists or ACT Party members.

Therefore I have a responsibility to take Dr Hirst to task over his untrue accusation against me.

Though I have considerable political differences with Dr Hirst, I will treat him as the gentleman he no doubt is.

My profile of Dr Hirst probably came as a bit of a shock, causing him to write in haste, something he may now regret.

As a first step I have therefore decided to email Dr Hirst asking for a retraction of the offending “neo-nazi” phrase, its deletion from his blog and an apology to me posted in its place.

I will then post that apology on my blog, so that the untruth of Dr Hirst’s accusation will be apparent to all.

I will keep readers updated as to progress.


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10 thoughts on “Dr Hirst’s Slur Against Loudon Challenged

  1. Imagine Mah Man as a witness – he’d be an unmitigated disaster !

    They’d award him some damages just to shut up and go away !

  2. Checking back Trev, I see you’ve even got Mah NY expressing high dudgeon and repeating the offending words.

    Now Trev, get real, your case is totally buggered !

  3. Trev, what horrible thing happened to you over the weekend ? I mean there was some equanimity about you on Friday 24 – My God, by Monday 27 you’d turned into Jarndyce v Jarndyce.

    Is the member of your whanau with whom you played mini-golf Saturday/Sunday a wannabe junior lawyer at one of the Top 5 or something ?

    Gentle tip Trev my mate: whatever Hirst said about you, you’ve published and republished and re-republished the offending words.

    Possibly suggestive that you don’t actually mind, whatever he said. Oh yes, I get it now, it’s all about clicking over that counter thing….how silly of me not to pick it at once…..

    Your entitlement to a peppercorn is looking very shakey Trev !

  4. Oh my goodness Mah you are still commenting on NZers. Perhaps YOU need to look in the mirror Mah! As I have said before “I am proud of my Jewish heritage but I cannot go along with Zionist policies, which are an abrogation of the humane values that are inherent in Judaisim”. You are a Zionist Mah!

    And Trev, are you still a member of ZAP?

    I think this blog is just a white supremacist blog!


    Huhana, HAM, Sue Murray

    “I have never posted under any name but my own.” Neither have I Trev….

  5. Write to his Head of Dept Trevor. This type of carry-on by academics shouldn’t be tolerated. To describe someone as a Nazi simply because you disagree with their beliefs is an abhorrent thing to do.

  6. Rogernome-brilliant as Redbaiter is, he (or she) ain’t me.

    I have never posted under any name but my own.

    MAH Hi.

  7. “Objectivity as a principle of journalism is no longer the holy grail. The fact that some jornalism editors are prepared to say so and put such ideas in front of their students is just a recognition of this idea. In the respected Columbia Journalism Review, Brent Cunningham has written a thoughtful piece called “Rethinking Objectivity”. He makes the point that often it is an excuse for lazy journalism and that it forces reporters to rely on official sources. He also argues that it allows the news agenda to be captured by the “spin doctors”…”

    I certainly guess this Dr. Hirst character is quite the spin doctor when he labels anyone who goes against him to be a “neo-Nazi goon”. If one needs to look at who is committing on such a slander, it seems that Dr. Hirst should look in the mirror.

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