Naxal’s Murder 8, Where Does the Workers Party Stand?

The Workers party of New Zealand supports India’s Maoist rebels. I wonder if any of them are decent enough to feel any responsibilty for the eight dead men listed below?

Does the Workers Party care that these men probably had wives and children, or do they justify their murders as simply an unfortunate bye-product of a “glorious revolution”?

From Naxal Terror Watch

Patna, July 1 : At least eight people died in a Naxal attack on a police station in Bihar’s Rohtas District late last night. A huge cache of arms and ammunition was also looted from the station.

Five policemen and three civilians died, while several others were injured in the attack, said a police official.

According to reports, around 250 CPI (Maoist) rebels attacked at Rajpur police station and Baghaila outpost of the District.

The deceased policemen were Phulchand Munda, Shivdayal Ram, Ghoran Mandal, Mahavir Ram and Vimal Toppo.

While the civilians who lost their lives were Rajbali Singh, Bittu and Hardayal Ram.


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6 thoughts on “Naxal’s Murder 8, Where Does the Workers Party Stand?

  1. Erm no tough-guy steve.

    Rumsfeld sold Saddam civilian helicopters, not military. He met him once.

    Ciraq of France sold Saddam a nuclear reactor and all sorts of other military hardware as did the Soviets (Iraq was a soviet client state at the time) and the Chinese.

    But because it wasn’t the Amerikkkans or the evil jooooos you really don’t care do you tosser?


  2. Steve, get a life.

    If you can not see the brutality of these horrible Naxalites, but then go about and always be so obsessed in attacking American leaders like Reagan, Rumsfeld, etc. You really don’t give a damn.

    How about Galloway heading to Syria and supporting Hugo Chavez and terrorists in Iraq? How about Livingstone inviting a so-called Islamic scholar who justifies Palestinian terrorism but pretends to be a phony moderate Muslim?

    It’s okay for Galloway to travel to a totalitarian state like Syria and for Livingstone to invite a psuedo-scholar, but it’s just wrong for me or anyone else to talk about their ill-mannered behavior and alright for you to bully anyone who dares disagree with you in effort to isolate them for your totalitarian purpose.

  3. Gee, thanks for the tip Mah Mah.

    I’m certain we’re that one crucial inch closer to “freedom” as a result of your earnest attendances in these matters. Who knows – you may have uncovered one of Trev’s world famous in blogdom “likelihoods of a possibility”…..?

    Tell me, when is “your” blog site going to feature the picture of Donald Rumsfeld schmoozing up to the Butcher of Baghdad in ’84 ?

    When Donald Rumsfeld and his master Reagan ALREADY KNEW the Butcher was gassing and murdering the Kurds – but sold him more military helicopters to deliver the gas anyway !!!

    Come on clever man – according to your own ethos (?) shouldn’t Rumsfeld appear in your rogues’ gallery along with Galloway and Livingstone ? Who basically never did anything more than get democratically elected and piss you off.

    Or are you just a delusional wind bag Mah Mah, possessed of zilch ethos about anything ?

  4. Well, my entire trouble with that sort of analysis is the problem of where these “Islamists” are getting their radicalization from isn’t from Muslims, but rather “Muslims” who collaborate openly in Communist fronts.

    I provide the recent terrorist attacks in Britain and Britain’s enablers of radicalism as prime examples of that, such as George Galloway and Ken Livingstone.

    You may certainly want to pay close attention to the “George Galloway” or the “Ken Livingstone” of New Zealand. See if they are friendly to Palestinian terrorists and other radical groups. An unfitting photo of Galloway I placed on my blog is an old photo of him giving a bear hug to Communist dictator-Fidel Castro, and Galloway like Livingstone also encourages British Muslims to align themselves with various Communist front groups through “Muslim” orientated groups.

    See if there are any “Muslim” orientated groups in New Zealand that encourage New Zealand Muslims to join New Zealand based Communist front groups.

  5. Yes MAH, the CIA is being a bit overly PC I feel.

    From what I gather the NZSIS doesn’t bother much with commies these days.

    Tends to focus on Islamist extremists-which is semi understandable.

  6. Say Trev, have you heard the CIA released its so-called skeleton files? I only believe this will only enable Western Communist parties, to promote anti-American/anti-Western propaganda as how the likes of Fidel Castro is pleased to have more propaganda ammo to attack the U.S. with.

    I wonder what New Zealand’s version of the CIA is doing with the New Zealand based Workers’ Party embracing a known Marxist terror campaign in India. You wouldn’t want a New Zealand based neo-Nazi group to support Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists would you? Wouldn’t it be wise to keep tabs on these totalitarian leaning groups?

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