Can the West Survive Obama?

A friend sent me this Republican fund-raising message from the US. it’s good to the Republicans understand at least some of what is at stake in theis election.

If Obama wins, it doesn’t just mean one or two terms of “liberalism”-it means a permanent shift to left, an entire cultural change that may never be undone.

The real question is a foreign policy one. A re-surgent Russia, an ever stronger China and radical Islam will work increasingly together to challenge the West.

Will Obama stand up to them? If he doesn’t who will?

Can the US survive Obama? Can the West survive Obama?

That is what is really at stake here.

Message from The National Republican Trust PAC

From Scott Wheeler

Dear Supporter:

I have some incredible news for you.

Last week I reported that the National Republican Trust PAC had raised more than $1 million for its emergency effort to expose Barack Obama in key swing states.

Our goal was to raise $2 million by today.

We smashed that goal: we have raised over $3 million today!

Your generosity made this possible.

You are standing up for this country against one of the most vicious assaults ever waged on the Republican party by the liberal media establishment.

Smear after smear against Sarah Palin and John McCain. But Obama’s leftwing agenda and radical friends get barely any attention from the big media!

Let me tell you what’s at stake here.

Obama has promised two major initiatives as soon as he becomes president.

First, he wants to close down talk radio with the so called “Fairness Doctrine.”

And remember this Orwellian “Fairness” broadcasting law could easily be made to apply to Fox News. (this also includes any faith based tv- Christian and Jewish TV)

Second, Obama wants to give 12 million illegals citizenship. You may recall they tried that in 2007 but failed.

This time Obama will have super-majorities in the Senate and the House.

He will get his wish.

As these illegals become citizens most will register as Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates.

Obama knows that by granting millions of illegals citizenship they will have a super-majority over the Republicans in every future national election.

This single act — giving illegals citizenship — will give the Democrats permanent control over the House and Senate for a generation to come.

We already know just how close the past two elections have been.

If Obama puts even just a few hundred thousand new immigrant voters on the election rolls, he will effectively end the two party system in this nation.

That’s what’s at stake here.

We need to continue our battle. We need your help.

Make sure you see our ads — go to now.

Make sure you donate. Go Here Now.

Make sure you tell your family and friends to donate.

Dick Morris has said repeatedly Obama can be beaten. He believes our ad campaign can do just that.

Thank you again for your help to our worthy cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

Good luck to you. We’re all depending on you.


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5 thoughts on “Can the West Survive Obama?

  1. while obama is far worse than McCain you can’t deny they do have similarities such as many who would vote for Obama (such as my lefty flatmate) but wouldn’t be that disappointed over McCain winning even though they would prefer Obama as president

    because in McCain is so liberal already and they would much more prefer McCain over having Bush

  2. Camron is a moron. The Obama campaign calls people like him “low information voters” because they don’t pay attention and hense, are very easily lead. I have found web pages from the middle 90’s showing Obama in photos with leaders of the New Party and his name on their roster. Go to my little blog and click on the “Obamaland” link on the right. That page has the links to the New Party (under “past”).

    You are right guys, America as we know it will not survive Obama and a Democrat controlled congress. The far left will have full, veto-proof control. It will be fundamentally different for a very long time if not forever. Obama will start with income redistribution. The Democrats have vowed to shut down opposition political speech with the “Fairness Doctrine”. Guns sales here are up 30%. The left is threatening a race war if Obama loses.

    These are very dark times my friends. Very dark.

  3. Right Cameron, and McCain was probably a member of DSA's socialist New Party too… NO, McCain is NOTHING like Obama. You have been badly misled. Its not your fault Cameron, the USA has been misled by Obama and his lying campaign. Wake up America…


    Evidence has emerged that Sen. Barack Obama belonged to a socialist political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

    Several blogs, including Powerline, previously documented that while running for the Illinois state Senate in 1996 as a Democrat, Obama actively sought and received the endorsement of the socialist-oriented New Party, with some blogs claiming Obama was a member of the controversial party.

    Read the story here:

  4. I wish Obama was as good as you right-wing folks think he is. Really a lot of his policies are quite like McCain’s ones.

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