US Radicals Profiled

To complement my Obama files, I thought I should add a series of profiles on influential American leftists.

The USA is undergoing a socialist revolution right now and the country’s fate hangs in the balance.

That means, in effect, that the fate of the planet is at stake.

I thought it might be helpful to my US readers to know more about some of the radicals they are up against.

Hopefully it might just help to tip the balance in a positive direction.

Some will be well known, some will be obscure.

All will be influential.


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16 thoughts on “US Radicals Profiled

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  2. Thank you Trevor. Aside from suggesting media outlets to you, please advise if you have ideas of what more we can do with your information. I am spreading the word to other bloggers about you.


  3. You go, Trevor. Not a moment to lose.
    I have been trying to look into the IAF as well. This socialist/communist movement is so vast that the research is an overwhelming task.
    God bless you for your contributions.

  4. You've been tipping the balance since the original posts that included Frank Marshall Davis, and then later with Van Jones. I bet this will further that.

  5. Many thanks as always Trevor. You're information is very beneficial and used immediately or stored for use when time appropriate. You keep us ahead of the game.

    We're living in very scary times here and we're only 9mos into his 'reign'.

    God Bless,


  6. Thanks Trevor, I always look forward to the information you have. This country is in so much trouble. God help us all. If America isn't a beacon of freedom who will be?

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