Russia’s Plan for the EU?

Russia’s goal is turn the European Union into the western wing of a Russian/Chinese led, Euro/Asian empire.

Sergei Karaganov, head of the editorial board of “Russia in Global Affairs” magazine writing in Novosti

Moscow and the European capitals should understand that they have common interests. Maybe, they should even stop using a politically correct but meaningless term -“strategic partnership.”

They should work for a strategic union rather than partnership. Otherwise, their global positions will be weakening – the EU will continue losing its global influence in the mid-term and Russia will follow suit in five to six years. Initially, this could be an energy union – an exchange of assets. Russia could give Europe a share in energy production in exchange for a share in distribution.

For the time being, the sides are not ready for this union. They should work to turn what the media are calling “the tragedy of failure” into an impetus for taking their relations to a new level. This will allow them to look to the future with optimism.


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4 thoughts on “Russia’s Plan for the EU?

  1. Look, I’m no big fan of these continental unions. Look at Latin America, Chavez and his mini-mes want the same thing the EU has. One currency for the entire continent.

    If you believe the EU is a “capitalist” entity, then you are sadly naive. Shouldn’t countries have the right to have their own currency? Why do they have to have just ONE continental currency? Such as the Euro for Europe? Can’t the French have the return of the franks?

  2. Russia doesn’t want a union with the EU. Russia doesn’t even want a union with Belarus. What Russia wants is money, power and a say in how things are run. And, though they may scream socialism with all their lungs and even murmur communism in their sleep, I like autocracy best. The day they stop buying breakable, overpriced Euro goods and start living independent by choice, I’ll buy into there really being an ethos here. For now I say gas money, oil money and a general population who can’t afford a European vacation even in their dreams.

  3. I remember a quote from Lenin, stating that he would like Western Europe, and Europe in general to become a Soviet European Homeland. Scary that it’s happening today. You might also want to watch reports of Daniel Ortega preparing to travel to Italy, where it has a large population sympathetic to the Marxist ideology.

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