British Communism Bouncing Back

The British Communist Party, in common with most, is growing;

From the CPUSA’s Political Affairs

General secretary Robert Griffiths reported that party membership rose by 10 per cent last year, with 69 per cent of 655 applications to the Communist Party and Young Communist League coming from people under the age of 30.


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4 thoughts on “British Communism Bouncing Back

  1. Dear Trev of the Conjoined Capital Letters,

    Love the way those acronyms just burst from your mouth, so reflexively, so easily. You must be very proud ! Oh yes, I grant you, essential skill for the serious commie watcher.

    But…..I feel there is “evidence of a possibility” (I quote You, Trev)that your SFU at the end of your post was dirty speak.

    Guess FU is in order then.

  2. Which British Communist Party, Trev? Andrew Murray’s CPB publishes the Morning Star and played a decent role in the Stop the War Coalition, but the CPGB who publish the Weekly Worker are notorious gossiping intriguers!

    Not cast any domestic dispertions!

    Yours as always

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