3 thoughts on “Great Book For All Kiwis

  1. My God Trev !

    You’re gonna go ga ga over this Epsom, blue/violet/grey/pink rinse, pot-boiler crap ?

    Ghost written by some down on his/her luck freak (ACT list next time), only vaguely maintaining a pulse in the rising damp of the Aro Valley, stolidly refusing, while eminently qualified, to go on the bene’. On the score of his/her libbo prince-pills ? Watch out William and Harry – this could hurt.

    Then you have a lash at the serious, real stuff edited by Maria Bargh of my alma mater !?!? The world’s gone upside down for Christ’s Sake !

    Actoidism is not good for your health or mine Trev…..this land is fucked…..! Psssst – Don’t tell Mah Mah or Fried. They’re not very kind people. They’d misuse it unconscionably…..they would Trev, you know it…..they can’t help it. They live(?) on a different planet.

    At least we’re all Kiwis together, you and me, Rodney, Hel’…..Gordon No:49.

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