Communists "Worked Diligently" To Elect Obama

How’s this for an admission?

From the Communist party USA’s latest Peoples Weekly World

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — There was much to celebrate at the 89th anniversary of the Communist Party USA here Dec. 7. The party and its allies, unionists and friends joined together this year to work diligently to help elect our first African American president, Barack Obama. Folks pounded the pavement in Bridgeport, Conn., to defeat the last standing congressional Republican, Chris Shays. His replacement, newly elected Jim Himes, is vowing to take the people’s agenda forward.

The event was filled with the spirit of the movement in our country that says America can get back on the right track…

Now that the election is over and people prepare for a historic inauguration, the celebration reminded us that we must keep the unity that we had in 2008 and work to advance the people’s agenda with the new White House. The ball is in our court.

The Communist Party does not do things for fun.

They seriously plan to collect what Obama owes them-their “people’s agenda”.


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2 thoughts on “Communists "Worked Diligently" To Elect Obama

  1. The CPUSA supporting a Democratic candidate hardly proves anything. If it was another white candidate they would be “working” just as “dilligently” to elect the “lesser evil”. Surely with how many reds under the beds you keep track of, surely you’d know they campaigned for John Kerry in 2004 as well. Barack Obama being African-American just gave them another excuse to be liberals in practice.

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