Shane Jones Honest About Corruption.

The left control the unions, the unions control the Labour Party. The left campaigns for Labour. In return Labour seeks to ban free speech for all significant lobby groups but unions.

Is this corrupt or what?

From David Farrar’s Kiwiblog

Labour MP Shane Jones on Newstalk ZB this morning.

The host was interviewing Katherine Rich and Shane Jones on the proposed electoral law changes and restrictions on third parties. He then asked Shane Jones

Why would you exempt Unions?”

The reply from Mr Jones:

They’re valuable and long term supporters of ours…”


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4 thoughts on “Shane Jones Honest About Corruption.

  1. Who is corrupt Trev? I would have thought that the Nats were …over a mil worth of flyers (around 5 as I remember, cos I got them in my letterbox!) delivered in letterboxes and even the delivery was paid for by the Brethren. And hey what about the Nats Trust account? Not all unions are affiliated to the Labour Party …everything that Unions do for the Labour Party is declared – it ain’t a secret. And hello? Who created the Labour Party in this country? Unions mate! Down south.


  2. That they were Dirk. Just shows how much influence the unions had on even the reformist 84/87 Labour government.

  3. Were not Prebble and Douglas, (well known ACT personalities) members of a labour government which introduced compulsory unionism?


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