Aussie Anarchists Diss Kiwi Cops

Melbourne anarchists protested today in solidarity with their Kiwi comrades.

From Indymedia

30 people today joined outside the New Zealand Consulate General in Melbourne to demonstrate their love and solidarity to all arrested and affected by yesterdays raids.

There was police and media (both NZ and Australian) presence as demonstrators spoke and performed street theatre in support of all those affected by yesterdays events.

We are here today to demonstrate our support and solidarity of our brother and sister activists in Aotearoa and to show our disgust in the New Zealand Government and its police force repression of activists in Aotearoa.”

“This is a full on criminalisation of dissent, it is deplorable and a disgusting attack on Tino Rangatiratanga, Environmental & Peace activists, This is a very convenient way for the police to arrest every activist in the country, and smear them with terrorism, in the style of a cointelpro programme.”

Demonstrators today especially expressed love and support to all the people of Tuhoe, especially the children, who have been affected by the invasion of their community yesterday.


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