Blogging Off for a Fortnight.

Hi all.

I have an important project to complete and will be offline for two weeks. My next post will be on Wednesday the 9th of May.

Best wishes to all freedom fighters.

To all the commies, please play fair and stop all revolutionary activities until I return. I know you can do it.


Trevor Loudon.


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17 thoughts on “Blogging Off for a Fortnight.

  1. You relinquish control of the corporations and we call off the protests. Look forward to hearing about us in two weeks

  2. I hear that Trev is building a time machine in order to make an assassination attempt on Lenin. Given that it is in the past, we all know that Lenin survives the assassination attempt. What puzzles me is that he will be back in a fortnight. Why not a couple seconds later? Maybe he is skipping some terrible event that might happen in the next two weeks. Or maybe he is jumping forward to some great event that he is too impatient to wait for. Maybe he can’t travel any further than two weeks into the future because history might have “ended”.

  3. That would make sense. She is a bit of a lame duck fake leftist from what I understand. She is good for your cause 🙂

  4. I heard he has taken up a disguise and can be seen in trench coat and dark glasses sifting for candidate prospects for ACT on the West Coast.

  5. More like trev’s gone to some exotic location being wined and dined by Richard Prebble and Roger Douglas and getting instructions for what to do next.

  6. OK, now for the facts; Trevor is actually involved in a stealth mission, dealing to pinkos, driving a stake through the hearts of the bloodless freaks while they ‘rest’

  7. The peoples liberation collective for homeless commies have kidnapped Trev. If you people want him back, leave 1 million dollars in used coins in a plain paper bag at the taranaki street lights on Wednesday the ninth at exactly 12 midday.
    Fail to comply and he will be given to the yankee soldiers at guantanomo bay for use as a sex toy.

    until later comrades.

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