Chavez Defiant In Defeat

No humility from Hugo.

From Cuba’s Prensa Latina

Caracas, Dec 3 The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue strengthening, President Hugo Chavez affirmed Monday after recognizing the results of a referendum that rejected his proposed constitutional reform.

Vote Showed Democracy, Says Chavez

According to Chavez, the project was defeated because about three million of his habitual followers abstained, and recalled that only inexperienced recruits believe the cause is lost when faced with the first obstacle.

Though there are still many votes to be counted, the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, said there is a clear tendency towards the NO.

Chavez, who entered national politics when leading a failed civic-military uprising in 1992, recalled that many defeats later turned into political triumphs.

In an address to the country very early today, shortly after the first official report on the referendum was released, the president indicated democracy will keep bringing the historic project started in 1999 to fruition.

Chavez also congratulated the adversaries for their victory, and clarified it is “a long battle for socialism, in the framework of the current Constitution. I will not eliminate a single comma from the proposal“, he stressed.

The Venezuelan leader went on by recalling Simon Bolivar’s remarks “if the majority does not accept it, I will delegate it to posterity” but, “not to 100-year posterity”, he noted, and affirmed he will keep fostering the changes in compliance with Constitution.


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