Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

Thanks for all your captions everyone. It was tough work reading through them all and picking out a winner…

First prize goes to Marcjanet for her caption,

“So Trevor, have you ever met Gandalf? Do you have socialized medicine in Middle Earth?”

The three runners-up were:

  • “Eat your heart out Fox news” – Jana
  • “So if you root for San Diego, does that mean you are illegal? When I make you legal you will vote for me? RIGHT COMRADE?” – Mike
  • Messiah meets Pariah. (identities subject to political affiliation!) – Anon

Marcjanet will receive an autographed copy of Curtis Bowers’ must-watch documentary, “Agenda: Grinding America Down”.

Marcjanet, please email me with your address and I’ll get that DVD out to you post haste.

Once again, US citizens, to order copies of Curtis Bowers’ DVD, go to his website here. Australians and New Zealanders wishing to order a copy can email me with their postal address and I’ll send through payment details and post it out. (Australia: $24.95 USD, New Zealand: $21.95 USD Prices include packaging & posting)


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4 thoughts on “Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

  1. Why did you feel the need to pick on the guy because he is short ? What in the world does that have to do with his position on ANYTHING? It is just ridiculous, and cruel.

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