Kill A Cricketer for the Revolution!!!!

Not content with murdering policemen, train inspectors and local politicians, India’s Maoist insurgents are now targeting sportsmen. perhaps the NZ Workers Party which supports these scum, could tell us how this is justified? How about it Don… Byron?

From Naxal Terror Watch

The Associated Press
May 27, 2007

NEW DELHI: Police are investigating a letter allegedly written by Maoist rebels threatening to kill two of India’s top cricketers because they represent the “elite class,” a newspaper reported Sunday.

The letter singles out captain of the Indian team Rahul Dravid and wicketkeeper Mahendra Dhoni, as well as three top cricket officials, and was found Friday during a police raid on a rebel hideout in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, the Hindustan Times reported.

The handwritten letter said a group of rebels from Chhattisgarh and neighboring Jharkand state had decided to kill the cricketers, and that rebels had tracked the movements of Dhoni in his hometown of Ranchi, Jharkand’s capital, the paper said.

The threatened officials were Sharad Pawar, president of India’s cricket board and federal agriculture minister, and Niranjan Shah and Rajiv Shukla, both well-known officials of the cricket board, it said.

“All five are promoting cricket, a sport of the elite class, and also leading a luxurious life at the expense of the hard-earned money of the common man,” the letter said, according to the newspaper.


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4 thoughts on “Kill A Cricketer for the Revolution!!!!

  1. These people are thugs with a smattering of misinformed ideology, this kind of thing always crops up on both sides. Plenty of examples who adopt left wing ideology but people tend to forget, hmm lets see, The Falangistas, The Colombian Paramilitaries and the Phalangists.

    Its up to all right thinking and humanistic people to condemn these kind of groups, no matter that persons personal political beliefs.

    It’s called ethics stupid !
    (not actually directed at anyone here, just emphatic)

  2. Lol…and what is the prize for complaining when in Belarus? Alexander Lukashenko is not exactly renowned for his benevolence is he?

  3. They could also come on over to Belarus. Doctors here earn about $300 a month yet show up to work every day. And the same is true for pretty much the whole of the population. It’s hard to argue this point for me when taking into account western standards of living. I think that the people of Belarus would like to have a bid more money to work with, I think though that the difference is that they would prefer this to be for everyone and not just a few.

  4. Yes Trevor, but you see, to the NZ commies, ‘the peoples revolution’ entails nothing than protest marches, holding their fists aloft and addressing eachother as ‘comrade’

    …And all the while enjoying the creature comforts that an advanced, capitalistic, Western society affords them. Maybe they should go to North Korea, Cuba or maybe even time warp back to Albania in the bad old days, it might cure them.

    Just a thought.

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