Waihopai No-Hopers at it Again

Every year, the Christchurch based Anti Bases Campaign organises a protest weekend against the US satellite tracking station at Waihopai near Blenheim.

This year, the usual mob of communists, aging Maoists, peaceniks, Greenies and anarchists will descend on Waihopai from the 19th to the 21st of January.

If you’re keen to go, the trip will include;

Public Meeting in Blenheim on Friday evening where Nicky Hagar of the Hollow men fame will speak. Camping at a DOC camp ground near the base. Protest in Blenheim on Saturday morning and at the base in early afternoon. Return to Auckland on Sunday with a possible brief side trip to protest at the Tangimoana base just off the main road near Palmerston North.

Those attending the Radical Youth gathering in Auckland this weekend, must be gutted that they’re missing out.


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8 thoughts on “Waihopai No-Hopers at it Again

  1. Didn’t know know anon, REAL New Zealanders are Anti-American and ‘pacifist’.

    If you aren’t that you must be some sort of US or Israeli puppet.


  2. “two or three ageing conservatives to stand about with anti-New Zealand placards”

    How are conservatives anti-New Zealand?

  3. Counter-protest? Great! It’s always fun when the right manages to round up two or three ageing conservatives to stand about with anti-New Zealand placards.

    barry – I guess you’ve chosen 1942-45 to cite as there’s some evidence that NZ had slightly more idea of what was going on in the real world than the US did in all the years preceeding that. You know, when NZ was fighting fascism and objecting to Japanese and Italian expansionism, while the US stayed happily isolationist, cheerfully trading with the totalitarians and such.

  4. You softwits, don’t you realize that NZ has no defence forces worth a mention? We rely totally on the US and the Echelon network to keep tabs on what is happening in the real world. As we did from 1942-1945 when the US Marines literally saved us from the Japs.

  5. “This is just begging for some counter-protesting. Too bad I live at the other end of the country”

    Aren’t you useless then. Most of the Waihopai people manage to make it from end of the country to another for the demo. If cost is an issue find some other comrades (not sure what people on the right refer to their political buddies as) and car pool down there. If you can get enough people you can make it reasonably cheaply I think.

  6. I’m gonna be at the Radical Youth hui, and I can’t say I’m overly concerned about “missing” anything at Waihopai – nothing interesting happens there really anyway.

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