6 thoughts on “Buy "Investigate" Today!

  1. @Foxhound-
    I would disagree with your assertion that investigate is rubbish. While they are biased, the same can be said about most (if not all) media. All journalists will be limited quite strongly by their world views and perceptions.

  2. Hey your article is rubbish man your no journalist you’re a fake you just look around all the left wing sites and use shit against them I mean did you really go to Auckland to the demos or what tevour did you talk to Joe or grant ? And asked them what’s up
    You just went to the web sites and use shit against them your no journalist you’re a fake man

  3. Do you contribute to Investigate? I feel a little naive but I only just noticed today while I was having a quick browse.

    While I disagree with most of the articles there, I would also advise people to at the very least have a look. There are also options I believe to purchase an online version from their website as well.

  4. “The price of two lattes for a bloody good read.”

    Are latte libertarians the new chardonnay socialists?


    Sam Buchanan

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