Kiwi Troops Risk Their Lives For This?

Why are New Zealand troops propping up a regime like this?

From Cuban News Agency Prensa Latina

Dili, Feb 29 Interim President Fernando La Sama De Araujo of Timor Leste sent congratulations Friday to Raul Castro at his election as president of the Cuban State and Minister councils.

In his letter, La Sama de Araujo also said he wished good health to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

The acting president expressed the Timor Leste people’s recognition “for the contribution of Cuba’s collaboration to our country’s social development, and reiterate its great importance to us.

The text mentioned Cuba’s assistance and support as essential for teaching basic literacy to adults, promoting primary and secondary health assistance, training doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel and generally consolidating public health services.

Araujo also said he would continue to be personally committed to developing bilateral cooperation and strengthening friendship between both peoples.


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5 thoughts on “Kiwi Troops Risk Their Lives For This?

  1. You’re dead right about East Timor, Trevor.

    The Leftists who conned NZ and Australia into intervention were the same people who backstabbed our troops in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Korea when they were fighting for democracy.

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