Little Hugo’s "Tyrants I Have Met" Photo Album

Don’t worry uncle Fidel, you can rely on me.

Belarus July 2006, Chavez visits neo communist dictator Alexander Lukashenko

From Fox News
“I have come here to conclude a unity pact. Here we see a model of the social state that we are beginning to create,” Chavez said at the airport. “We feel ourselves to be brothers.”

Hugo on one of his many meetings with Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Perhaps where he got these ideas from;

From the Wall Street Journal 16.1.2006

Three months later, in a Christmas Eve TV broadcast, Chávez declared that “minorities, the descendants of those who crucified Christ, have taken over the riches of the world.” That ugly anti-Semitic swipe was of a piece with an insidious assault over the past several years on the country’s Jewish community. In 2004, heavily armed Chávez commandos raided a Caracas Jewish school, terrifying children and parents. The government’s claim that it had reason to believe that the school was storing arms was never supported.

From the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24.8.06

On the afternoon of August 24, 2006, Chinese President Hu Jintao held talks in the Great Hall of the People with Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, who was here in China for a state visit. The two sides agreed to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas and push China-Venezuela strategic partnership of common development to another new level.

One of Hugo’s trips to Libya

From Radio Free Europe 27.7.06

MOSCOW, July 27, 2006 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin today in Moscow for talks focusing on arms sales and energy cooperation.

Putin received Chavez at the Kremlin on the last day of the Venezuelan leader’s three-day visit to Russia. The two leaders, who have already met on four previous occasions, exchanged warm handshakes in front of the cameras.

Putin praised the growing energy and trade ties between Russia and Venezuela. “Venezuela is a natural partner for us. Venezuela occupies first place on the American continent for oil reserves and eighth place in the world for gas reserves. This means colossal potential opportunities,” he said.

From Venezuela Today 28.2.04

Arriving in Venezuela after a long plane trip from Harare, Zimbabwe’s despot Robert Mugabe rapidly proceeded to fall asleep while Chávez was giving a speech and went on to drop the replica of Bolívar’s sword presented to him by Chávez. Robert Mugabe, said the beaming Chávez, “is a true warrior of freedom.”


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18 thoughts on “Little Hugo’s "Tyrants I Have Met" Photo Album

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  2. Yet you are still pandering to a man who supports the Communist Chinese dictatorship along with supporting China’s neo-colonialism into Zimbabwe with your boy Chavez supporting Mugabe.

  3. Now I’m a former Bush supporter. I supported him into office in 2000 and voted for him in 2004. I have often heard of so many people like this anonymous Chavez supporter often stating how “blind” Bush supporters are. Well, I’m disappointed with Bush right now consider Bush is friendly toward Putin. Bush has continued the failed Six Party Talks and has used similar policies with Iran on its nuke program. Bush has continued to support a Palestinian statehood despite many people in the “peace” movement support the idea of the Israeli Lobby theory.

    Now I’m thinking of being more Independent in the near future of my life. But to seeing how blind Chavez supporters really are when there are clear indications of Chavez supporting various tyrants across the globe and even outright ignoring that is just mind blowing to me that these Chavez supporters have the nerve to call Bush the “devil” along with being a tyrant and all that other nonsense while they can ignore anything negative about their boy Chavez.

    It’s simply pathetic and quite sad how they manage to suggest these diabious claims against Bush or any of his supporters. It’s simply pathetic.

  4. Do the Chavistas really give a damn about Chavez being friendly to the dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe who has initiated a genocide against white Zimbabweans and now has included black Zimbabweans along with them? How about the Iranian President who just denied the existance of the holocaust? Oh yea, Chavez seems to be a real promoter of freedom. Not!

    The truth is that the Chavistas just simply do not give a damn if their boy Chavez is right up in an alliance with these sort of totalitarian folks. They imply the very message that is being echoed by the leadership of Hezbollah, Iran, the Maoist Communists in China, Russia and elsewhere and that’s “Death to America” is why they are so bent on defending someone like Chavez.

  5. So let me get this straight. It’s quite okay for Chavez to have his photo being linked with a Hezbollah terror leader who states that he does not recognize Israel’s right to exist along stating that America is the “Great Satan”, yada, yada yada?

    Your blindness to following someone like Chavez is quite shocking.

  6. There goes the Chavistas supporting their idol Chavez from scorn. Just like how Justin Raimondo defends Putin on the recent posioning scandal with the late KGB-FSB defector and now more people are ending up to have the same radiation posionings.

    Typical tyrant apologists.

  7. More baseless claims Trevor.

    The other day you said Chavez was trying to chnage tyhe constitution to make himself president for life, which is demonstrably false. What he is seeking to do is remove limits on the number of times a president can be reelected, which is not nearly the same thing. I don’t remember FDR beinmg accused of making himself president for life.

    Now you’re claiming Chavez is an anti-semite, presumably on the basis of the speech he made earlier this year with reference to ‘the people who murdered Jesus Christ’. That dead horse was flogged for the last time months ago. Chavez was referring to the Roamn Empire, not Jews, in that remark. The Jewish Association of Venezuela responded to those accusations of anti-Semitism by saying they were groundless.

    If saying nice things about the government of Iran counts as anti-semitism then of course Chavez is an anti-semite, but I think that is a fairly long bow to draw. Chavez’s foreign policy is guided by the desire to create an anti-US bloc and thus help foster a more multipolar world. I believe he is wrong to cosy up to states like Iran, but you cannot deduce his domestic policies from the character of the regimes he strikes deals with.

  8. It’s not just Venezuela’s domestic policies I have problem with anon, its their foreign policy.

    What do you make of your hero’s apparent anti Semitism and his desire to model Venezuela on Belorussia?

    Cat got your tongue.

    Where are Cameron and all the rest of the local Chavistas now?

    BTW, when have I ever said a good word about Tony Blair?

  9. One could make a similar collage for the people Bush and Blair have met over the past six months – starting with Blair’s recent visit to Musharaff and including his photo op with Gadaffi. You can’t deduce the domestic policies of a state from the other states it strikes deals with.

  10. London Mayor Red Ken was supposed to visit him as well but it fell through. I was wondering what on earth the London Mayor was doing, negotiating an oil contract with Chavez!

    These people like to stick together while their people starve and society implodes.

  11. Hmm, I wonder where the hell are Chavez apologists/supporters are today? And of course all of this certainly doesn’t make Chavez wanting to subvert Venezuela under a dictatorship. Not.

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