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US film maker and activist Philip Klein is committed to defending private property rights from the abuse of Eminent Domain.

For centuries Eminent Domain has allowed governments to forcibly purchase private land for public projects-roads, schools, military bases etc.

In recent years this concept has been expanded to allow the seizure of private land for private purposes-ie shopping malls, residential or business developments.

A recipe for corruption, this gives those with money and influence, the power to strip property owners of their time honoured rights.

Corporate fascism I call it.

This problem effects more than just the USA. In a recent review of the Resource management Act, the granting of such powers were briefly mooted before being rightly rejected by the new national government.

Mark my words-the idea will return.

Private property rights are the back bone of a free society. As freedom declines world wide, expect the expansion of Eminent Domain to become more and more common.

Philip Klein has produced a new documentary on the subject Begging for Billionaires . Check out the trailer here.

Go to info@beggingforbillionaires for more information.


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