6 thoughts on “FCC Plans to Regulate Free Speech

  1. Philadelphia's large radio station, "The Big Talker," has dumped Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity's spots, respectively at 9 to 12 and 3 to 6 p.m.

    They are replacing these Second and Third Place shows (nationwide) with crappy Michael Smerconish, who threw in his lot with Obama several years ago, and some midwestern guy who will talk about "local" things.

  2. Can somebody say "Fairness Doctrine"? Congress shot it down already so they're taking the back door route. Czars and Executive Orders are the specialties of the day in the Obama administration. The people don't want radical legislation so they find an equally radical judge in the courts.


  3. The FCC canNOT regulate Free Speech without legislation passed through the Congress authorizing it. Without supporting legislation, their regulations are toothless and unenforceable.

    Congress canNOT pass legislation regulating Free Speech because of the prohibition in the First Amendment of the BoRs.

    It's all sabre rattling and bluffs.
    Anything FCC does, the new Congress can defang.

  4. It is almost surreal that this is happening in my country. Time will show that the majority of Americans still believe in the principles this country was founded on, liberty, in God we trust, e pluribus unum. These shallow, un-wise leftist will not occupy their powerful positions forever.

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