Tongan Bloggers Condemn "Democracy Movement"

Tongan Blog Nomoa carries several passages on the Tongan “Democracy” Movement and it’s role in Thursday’s rioting which claimed at least eight lives.

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Properties of Tongan/Chinese merchants were gutted, looted.

All, in all, whatever the justification from the “Democratic Movement” to incite this level of violence against members of society, they surely walk a fine line between Stalinistic and Hitlarian methodologies that justifies the means by the cause.

We don’t know that the oft repeated call to arms by the Democratic Movement and the call that change will come with the “shedding of blood” was meant to deliver this level of violence. We don’t know whether this weeks continued call to arms has causal or direct effect on todays behaviour.

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Unfortunately the nightmare that was the news from Tonga may not be ‘firing’ but the embers glow at the disaster that is the “Democracy Movement” in Tonga. Seems more like it should be called the Nazi Movement or the Socialist/Communist Movement. After-all, in which democratic movement did we see violence against innocent people as the means to gaining representation?

Nomoa goes on to ask who has benefited from the arson that has destroyed much of the Nuku’alofa CBD and what Kiwi traders can do to help.

Greatest beneficiaries from this disaster ? The businesses of the Pro-Democracy Movement, in any other situation we’d call this akin to extortion and other forms of corporate level crime.

Unfortunately, those businesses will not be able to supply the daily needs of Tongans. Watch over the next couple of days as prices sky-rocket as demand for basic necessities such as milk and meat outgrows the available supply.

What I would like to see ? Some of the New Zealand suppliers take a little more active role in how they’re allowing these Tonga based companies to corrupt the people of Tonga (not blaming them entirely, but they can help out.) Stop providing double invoices for these people, and stop providing hidden tiered pricing (i.e. taking kick-backs under the table to prevent other companies from buying at the same price.) Some suppliers have been involved in perpetuating the elitism and corruption in Tonga. It’s a good time to help out.


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