D Day For Rate Payers

ACT Leader Rodney Hide’s Rates Capping Bill will be voted on in Parliament tomorrow.

If Grey Power’s hard core lobbying persuades NZ First decide to support the Bill, Rodney will have the numbers to send it to Select Committee.

This country’s future wealth and prosperity, yet again depend on Winston Peters and his team. Then again maybe a miracle will happen and Labour will support it.

Today Rodney Hide welcomed comments from Helen Clark, indicating that it may be time for MPs to address unsustainable increases in local body rates, and says that if Helen Clark is serious, she should support his Bill.

“By voting for my Bill, Helen Clark could have a Select Committee considering rates tomorrow”, Mr Hide said.

“I am asking Labour MPs, as well as New Zealand First, to put party politics aside and give the public a chance to let their voices be heard.

“I know the Bill is not perfect, but it provides an immediate opportunity for people to come to Parliament and have their say.

“I am hopeful that my Bill will get enough support tomorrow to proceed to Select Committee, so that Kiwis can have their say on how to fund local government into the future”, Mr Hide said.

Local goverment, unleashed by the power of “General Competence” has the power to dramatically retard economic growth and distort the market place.

NZ First and indeed Labour have the power to bring local government back under the control of the governed.

I hope they use that power responsibly tomorrow.


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