Evil Green Party Policy About to Bite

This was entirely predictable.

The Green Party’s minimum wage increase is set to screw over the next generation of young workers-particularly the less educated and the brown skinned.

Tell me Sue Bradford, what’s better, an entry level job at $11 per hour, or no job at all?

From today’s Christchurch Press

Supermarket employers have been advised not to hire junior staff ahead of minimum wage legislation coming into force next April, says a Picton supermarket owner.

Picton Supervalue owner Casy Smits told National Party leader John Key yesterday that at a meeting Christchurch Progressive Enterprises had advised its supermarkets to stop employing junior staff because of increased pay rates.

The Minimum Wage (New Entrants) Amendment Bill allows a qualifying period of three months or 200 hours work for 16 and 17-year-olds who will then move on to the adult minimum wage.

Smits said they were talking about pay rates of $13.60 an hour.

A 16-year-old is going to get nearly $14 an hour — my checkout staff at the moment get about $12 an hour,” Smits said.

Key said National had been concerned about the elimination of youth rates which had given employers a reason to hire younger people and give them a chance to get experience. The legislation would mean a lot of young people would not be able to get part-time jobs, he said.

Smits agreed: “We have been advised not to employ them.”


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1 thought on “Evil Green Party Policy About to Bite

  1. No kid would would work for those wages in Australia. New Zealand needs to get real and start paying decent wages!

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